Friday, Aug 7 2020

LINWORX Site Launch

Welcome! You have managed to find your way to this site possibly seeking information on specific tasks relating to the Linux operating system or maybe through a recommendation from one of your friends. Regardless of how you got here, our goal is to keep you coming back. The site will be covering various topics ranging from beginner tasks such as permissions and navigation to more complicated topics such as VPNs, and RAIDs.

Seeing how there is no concrete goal for this site and what it will ultimately be, it will rely heavily on feedback and contributions of readers, that means you! We hope to tackle plenty of challenging questions and problems that most of us may run into as Linux users and administrator. We also hope to have some expert assistance from the elite in the community in solving these issues. One thing is for certain, the documentation must remain fresh up to date and it must be thorough enough for anyone (with proper background) to understand and implement on their own machines.

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